Farm Fresh Eggs

The crack of an eggshell can make or break your dish. 
The secret is choosing only the freshest eggs, whether it be for a simple scramble, to whip up a golden sponge cake or a delicious quiche. At Pantry Fresh, our daily fresh eggs are sourced from hens that are fed a natural, all grain diet free of additives and chemicals. Nothing compares to revealing a perfect, vibrant yolk and just knowing your eggs are top quality.

Pantry Fresh takes pride in selecting only the best eggs and delivering them in their natural coating, thereby preserving their freshness, purity and the unmistakable taste of a genuine farm-fresh egg.

Choice Chickens

If you are after perfect poultry, look no further than Pantry Fresh.

Our selection of chickens has earned us a reputation for the highest quality chicken products in Clayton and beyond. Pantry Fresh offers everything from farm fresh fillets to ready-to-cook pieces and sausages. You can even enjoy the deliciousness (and convenience) of one of our signature barbequed chickens and bring the farm-fresh flavour to your own family.

Wings, drumstick, tender or breast, at Pantry Fresh you’ll get the best!